Paper with the right technology

It is often the small things that have a great effect. With the right folds a simple sheet of paper turns into an imaginative flying object, for example. Paper can do a lot and isn't nearly as weak and unstable as we think. It's just a matter of the right folds. We at Haag Druck know this, too, and we are making use of this knowledge for the development of our diverse transport and work envelopes. For example, more volume is easily conjured up with a single fold. Compartments, side pockets or tuck-in flaps ensure a clearer arrangement, a secure fit for the contents, appealing looks or convenient handling. Just as needed.
In addition to our know-how, it is also the enjoyment of taking on new challenges that drives us time and again to find possibilities for clever and attractive envelope solutions. That's why we sometimes even have the answers before being asked.

Haag paper plane

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