Why we want to satisfy you in every respect

Whether Photo packaging, ticket envelopes or everything about photo envelopes - the more than 100 year-old company Haag Druck has been an expert in this area for 30 years and has been very successful in its world-wide operations. In particular when innovations or changes rule the market, like the great success of photo books or the options of on-demand embossing of objects such as cups or canvas, we not only adjust, but think ahead so you can have a clear head.

It is just as important for us to know you are completely satisfied with our service, our very short delivery times and the outstanding quality of our products. Our challenge is to have our products fit into your business processes as best as possible and to provide user-friendly products for your customers. With our ideas and products we want to help you make your processes more efficient and save time, materials and labour costs. It already starts with the production and delivery of your order. Due to our unique production process we can produce in a single production run and therefore also quickly deliver on short notice. But it is our numerous innovations, of course, that have contributed to making work easier and easier for our customers, for example the coding of order numbers or the ingenious combilope envelope.

We not only aim for satisfied customers but also for a responsible use of the recourses nature provides. Our whole chain of production is PEFC certified and seamlessly traceable. This way Haag Druck follows an integrative concept to protect the environment combining ecologic, social and economic aspects. By the way, our customers are also completely satisfied because of "the right chemistry". For us, open, cooperative communication is the be all and end all of good customer relations.

Our Commitment to You

  • Your goals come first: our goal is the efficiency of your work processes.
  • Individual solutions that precisely fit your requirements, short delivery times due to inline production in one production run.
  • We are thinking ahead: with a high degree of innovation that is driven by current market requirements and always produces pioneering developments.
  • A real partnership: our longstanding customer relations are characterised by cooperative communication.
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