Photo gift packaging
Safe packing makes unpacking a fun experience

Gifts bring joy. And with the right packaging, they are delivered safe and sound. Haag Druck provides the protection that photo gifts need: be it cups, clocks, snow globes, photo frames, puzzles, soft toys, textiles or anything else. The packaging can be used in shipping as well as in stores as a high-quality gift case. If you have special requirements, Haag Druck customises photo gift packaging to suit your individual ideas.

Covers galore

  • A variety of carton designs:
    • High-value, single, double or triple fluted corrugated cardboard
    • Stable solid-board
    • White, brown or a combination of both
    • Various formats and grammages
  • As folding or slip-lid cartons in all formats and designs
  • Blank or individual printing with a personal motif up to 5/0 colour print
  • Different types of folds and cuts
  • Different designs with varying sizes of flaps, different closure mechanisms with or without adhesive tape
  • Flexible and fast production and delivery of your order due to our inline production process
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