Why we want to satisfy you in every respect

First of all: it’s fun to work with satisfied customers. Furthermore, satisfied customers are of course the best reference. That’s why we do everything to make our customers satisfied customers. What this means for us first and foremost is to make our customer’s goals and wishes our own. With our ideas and products we want to help you make your processes more efficient and save time, materials and labour costs. It already starts with the production and delivery of your order. Due to our unique production process we can produce in a single production run and therefore also quickly deliver on short notice. But it is our numerous innovations, of course, that have contributed to making work easier and easier for our customers, for example the ingenious combilope package.

Our Commitment to you

  • Your goals come first: our goal is the efficiency of your work processes.
  • Individual solutions that precisely fit your requirements, short delivery times due to inline production in one production run.
  • We are thinking ahead: with a high degree of innovation that is driven by current market requirements and always produces pioneering developments.
  • A real partnership: our longstanding customer relations are characterised by cooperative communication.

Experience from tradition

Today many Haag Druck innovations have become the internationally accepted standard and are being used by all important photo finishers. The family business has developed into the European market leader for photo packaging, a company that in the meantime is also operating successfully in the Asian market. That's an edge Haag Druck can maintain due to state-of-the-art production processes and technology.

With the right technology

We are using modern roll-offset machines to print at a speed of 400 m/min and are the only manufacturer that can produce inline – in just one production run.

Protecting the forest means protecting the environment

We not only aim for satisfied customers but also for a responsible use of the resources nature provides. Our whole chain of production is PEFC certified and seamlessly traceable. This way Haag Druck follows an integrative concept to protect the environment combining ecologic, social and economic aspects. By the way, our customers are also completely satisfied because of "the right chemistry". For us, open, cooperative communication is the be all and end all of good customer relations.

This is why the raw materials of our print products originate from sustainably managed forests. The international PEFC certification (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) ensures transparency in this: All the steps our materials take from felling a tree to producing the pulp right to the finished product our customers hold in their hands are documented. Each step of the wood from sustainably managed forests in the value adding chain can be traced seamlessly also when it is processed in several different companies. Haag Druck is PEFC certified and with this engagement fulfils its responsibility for the environment in handling the indispensable raw material wood.

For further information about PEFC and sustainable forest management see: PEFC international website


Our customers are impressed with our services and can be found all over the world. And many have been loyal to us for decades – a selection of them:


Dedicated and motivated employees are welcome in our company. If you would like to further your profession in an innovative and modern company, you’re in the right place with us.

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